t switch

Automates your regular switches to intelligent switches. Controls your appliances from anywhere, 24/7 through Bluesinq mobile application. Talk to appliances using Alexa and Google Home voice commands. You can monitor your energy consumption and save up-to 20% on e-bill every month.

  • Dimensions : 113 x 49 x 21.6 mm
  • Communication : wifi
  • Control lighting throughout your home
  • Leave your home with peace of mind. Monitor your home from your mobile
  • Create the perfect dining experience by tuning the light intensity with just one touch
  • Turn off all your appliances at your home in just one click
  • Pretend that you are at home, when you are not even in the neighbourhood
  • Save up-to 20% on you e-bill every month
  • Controls your appliances from anywhere, 24/7 using Bluesinq mobile application
  • Schedules appliances to your daily routine
  • Monitors the energy consumption
  • Protects from High voltage
  • Voice - Controls your appliances using voice assistants like Alexa and Google home
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