c switch

C switch is a touch based Switch board which allows you to convert your home to smart home. You can control your home appliances from anywhere, 24/7 through Bluesinq mobile application. It is an elegant wall mount display with intuitive and an interactive interface. You can talk to the appliances using Alexa and Google Home voice commands. Monitor your energy consumption and save up-to 20% on e-bill every month.

  • Dimensions : 150 x 100 x 15 mm (4 Switch)
  • Dimensions : 217 x 100 x 15 mm (6 Switch)
  • Communication : wifi
  • Color :
  • Control lighting throughout your home
  • Leave your home with peace of mind. Monitor your home from your mobile
  • Create the perfect dining experience by tuning the light intensity with just one touch
  • Turn off all your appliances at your home in just one click
  • Pretend that you are at home, when you are not even in the neighbourhood
  • Save up-to 20% on you e-bill every month
  • Controls your appliances from anywhere, 24/7 using Bluesinq mobile application
  • Schedules appliances to your daily routine
  • Monitors the energy consumption
  • Protects from High voltage
  • Voice - Controls your appliances using voice assistants like Alexa and Google home
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